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Preparation is important,’ and we all know that, particularly when it comes to our safety. It is a must to be able to avoid any unforeseen or unwelcome situations in any way, and to be ready for self-protection and security. That’s why it is really important for everyone to use warning signals such as open area sounder beacons and open area sounder.

The use of beacons is becoming increasingly popular every year. You can locate beacons in malls, shopping centers, towns and public places, galleries of museums and music, restaurants and pubs, conventions and events, offices and warehouses.

The Open Area Sounder makes good use of the safety protocol and is intended for use in indoor and open spaces. A ‘ Magnetic Stick ‘ can be used to modify and check each sounder locally when the fire system is installed.

The open area sounder beacon provides audible and visible fire warning and is designed to be part of an addressable fire alarm and detection system. The sounder beacon has 15 escape tones and 7 sound ranges to choose from, with an output up to 100dB. The Open Area Sounder Beacon, fitted with a short circuit mounting isolator frame, is a wall mounted system with an IP65 weatherproof score.

Apart from providing warning signals, fire and safety products such as these should also be effective in attracting attention from the people and should be informative and easy to understand.

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