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It’s the wisest thing in the world to have your fire safety equipment in place in every major public building, industry and commercial centre. But it is even more important to know how and when to use the safety equipment.

A fire doubles with every passing second and it may be just too late until the fire fighting team arrives at the site of the fire. The timely use of an accessible fire hose reel by one of the occupants of the building could be the quickest way to contain a freshly ignited fire and could help douse the flames before it gets out of control and damages life and property.  

A fire hose reels is ideally suited for use in case of a Class A fire which is caused by paper, textiles, wood, plastics, rubber, and cloth. In the nascent stages of a fire, the surrounding air offers plenty of oxygen to strengthen it. Hot flame and gas mix with the cool air, increasing overall temperatures. If not tackled urgently, the licking flames could spread fast and reach the ceiling.

It becomes imperative for employees at public service buildings to know how this fire hose reel works.

How to use the fire hose reel:

  • Make sure you are standing a safe distance away from the flame. 
  • Note where a clear path to the nearest exit is.
  • Check that the nozzle is in the closed position.
  • Turn on the valve.
  • Reel the hose out until you have enough length to reach the flame. Generally, a minimum of two persons are required to run out and effectively use the hose reel.
  • Move the nozzle into the open position to allow the flow of water.
  • Aim the stream of water at the base of the fire, always from a safe distance.
  • Use the nearest exit if the flame is out of control or if you feel threatened.
  • Do NOT use water on electrical or flammable liquid fires. 

Fire hose reels are recommended for buildings with several stories underground or aboveground, and in other locations specified by building codes. 

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