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Single jacket fire hose consists of an impermeable elastomeric lining, a synthetic fibre reinforcement and externally applied elastomeric coating to the reinforcement. Delivery hoses are non-percolating lay flat type used in fire fighting purposes. Hoses are suitable for use with couplings with the requirements of BS 336:2010 standards. Hose is intended for use at working pressure not exceeding 15 bar. Delivery hose are manufactured to comply BS 6391: 2009 Standards.


  • BSI Kitemark and LPCB Certified.
  • Light weight and flexible.
  • Hose belongs to Type 2 with Elastomeric lining, Synthetic fibre reinforcement and elastomeric coating on the reinforcement.
  • Hose provides good protection against the absorption of liquids and resistance of the reinforcement.
  • Anti rot and anti twist.
  • Hose with couplings are wound by Galvanized mild steel / SS wire.