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There is an obvious preference for wooden doors as they exude class and style. After all, wood reflects the warmth and can have designs etched on them. Yet, once they are installed it comes as a souring experience as they require heavy maintenance and cost. Wood is susceptible to moisture and rust; these doors peel and develop bubbles. It is also a fact that wooden doors and are not energy efficient as they do not insulate.  

On the other hand, there is no comparison to steel doors as far as durability and safety are concerned.  Steel doors are also preferred by big establishments and in commercial buildings, as they have proved to be resistant to rust, cracking and bowing, which means they last longer and come out as a cost-effective option.

Yet, is there any way to bring the durability of steel and the beauty of wood into one door?

You’ll be surprised to know that Elite Fire create steel doors composed from

polystyrene or polyurethane cores that are then encased in a steel cover, yet they have the finish of wood so that they may be aesthetically appealing.

These secure wood finish steel doors are an ideal solution for commercial places like schools, hospitals, and offices as they offer insulating properties that can lower a building’s heating and cooling costs.  The beauty of steel doors is that they can be manufactured to be fire-resistant, bullet-proof, and even chemical resistant.

Even though steel doors may scratch and dent yet they are as easy to repair as glass or wooden doors. So it’s a far wiser option to choose a steel door that looks like real wood. For superior quality steel doors with a chic wooden finish visit the Elite Fire & Safety Solution website and introduce yourself to a range of fire & safety protection products and services in Pakistan.