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Since time immemorial, a fire has been a potential hazard that can break out any time, any place and cause unforeseeable, and sometimes, irreversible damage. Be it homes, hospitals, commercial centres or recreation areas, no place is safe until it has a reliable fire safety technology and measures. 

Today, we are privileged to live in times, where every building and facility makes sure that it is built with equipment and technology which can help avoid fires, contain dangerous fire breakouts and deal with them efficiently.

What causes a fire?:

A fire breaks out when three things are in the same place at the same time: Fuel (something to burn—such as wood or coal), Oxygen (usually from the air) and heat.

To quench it one needs to remove at least one in the above trio. 

However, the awareness regarding what kind of fire-fighting equipment needs to be used in which type of fire is one which needs to be constantly propagated in public buildings, civic facilities and residential areas as well.

When to use Dry Chemical Fire extinguishers:

In case of Class A, B or C fires which are caused by ordinary combustibles such as wood, paper, cloth, rubber, and many plastics; flammable liquids and gases and electrical equipment respectively, Dry Chemical fire extinguishers need to be employed.

How does a Dry Chemical Fire extinguisher work?:

Dry chemical extinguishers are tanks of foam or dry powder with compressed nitrogen as the propellant. They operate by repressing the fire by the layer of powder or foam they emit. The dry chemical fire extinguisher thus blocks the chemical reaction of the fire triangle; creating a barrier between the oxygen element and the fuel element.  This kind of fire fighting equipment is the most widely used as it is multipurpose. 

The Benefits of a Dry chemical fire extinguisher:

The powder provides a quick dousing of the three types of fires and can be cleaned up with a vacuum cleaner easily in the aftermath. One must however, take extra care that the extinguisher is not sprayed on someone as the dense cloud of powder may temporarily restrict vision and cause respiratory irritation.

They are affordable and multipurpose smothering a large area of a fire and that is why they are preferred as they also come in a variety of sizes. 

Established in 2010, Elite Fire & Safety Solution is fast becoming a leading name in the arena of the Fire & Safety Protection industry providing the last fire fighting supplies in Pakistan. 

Constantly seeking new avenues, products and technologies to fight fire at industrial level, the company’s popularity rests on the fact that it is associated with trusted brands and strives to meet the international standards of fire safety measures.