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Fire is one of the most important yet unfocused aspects of any facility or building. With time, there have been notable accounts that revealed immense destruction of property and loss of lives just because of faulty or no use of firefighting equipment. Through this article, the knowledge and understanding of the importance and proper usage of firefighting equipment can be understood.

First, let’s list out the most common causes of fires that can occur in any building.

  1. Cooking equipment
  2. Heating
  3. Smoking in bedrooms
  4. Electrical equipment
  5. Candles
  6. Children
  7. Faulty wiring
  8. Barbeques
  9. Flammable liquids
  10. Lighting

The above-mentioned is just a few from many causes and can be addressed by having access to adequate firefighting equipment, like the availability of something as simple as a firefighting hose or a fire hose reel. Those are the most basic and probably one of the most important firefighting tools that should be installed in any facility. Thus, attention should be paid to the following most critical firefighting equipment that is needed to be installed in any facility for maximum fire safety.

  1. Fire HoseFire Hose Reel or Fire Hose Rack: These three hoses are basically utilizing the same principle the only thing changing is the way each delivers water and the purpose they serve.
  2. Alarm Check Valve Assembly coupled with Sprinklers: This system enables the firefighting system to respond immediately in case of fire. How it works is by first having the frangible glass in the sprinkler break and sprinkle water over the fire and at the same time, send a signal of the break to the alarm check valve assembly, which in turn rings the fire alarm.
  3. Dry Riser Inlets and Dry Riser Pipes: how this works is by having the dry riser inlet being installed outside the facility with dry riser pipes being installed inside the facility. These are particularly helpful for tall buildings where getting water to higher-level floors can be a challenge.

The above-mentioned threats and solutions are just a small fragment of ensuring safety to your facility and lives present in the vicinity. We at Elite Fire & Safety Solution have a vast experience in providing quality and certified fire safety products in Pakistan. We have a portfolio of many multinational companies that we have helped with their fire and safety solutions.