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  • Carbon dioxide in gaseous agent, colourless, odourless / non-toxic and provide rapid knock down of industrial fire. It is capable of fighting Class B fire effectively.
  • Kitemark / LPCB Certified to BS EN3.
  • Seamless steel body (Lightweight).
  • High quality polyester paint.
  • Controlled discharge.
  • Brass head valve with simple squeeze operations provided with pressure relieve disc
  • Rechargeable & easy to service.
  • Non-conductive agent for electrical use without risk to operator.
  • CO2 gas disappears quickly leaving no residue.
  • Swivel horn with no freeze burn, with greater directional control of CO2 discharge through horn rotation feature.
  • 2Kg is available with the 55B Fire rating as efficient as 5Kg unit.


Extinguisher Capacity2kg2kg2kg2kg5kg5kg5kg5kg
PropellantSelf Propelling
Fire Rating34B34B55B55B55B70B55B70B
Working Pressure55-60 Bar @ 25°C
Maximum Operating Pressure169 Bar @ 60°C
Test Pressure250 Bar
Total Weight8.2kg8.3kg8.3kg4.9kg17.5kg17.5kg12.1kg12.1kg
Range of Discharge4-5m4-5m4-5m4-5m5-6m5-6m5-6m5-6m
Duration of Discharge8-9 sec8-9 sec10-12 sec10-12 sec10-12 sec12-13 sec10-12 sec12-13 sec
Hose LengthN/A750mm
Operating Temperature-20°C to +60°C
Cylinder MaterialCarbon SteelAluminiumCarbon SteelAluminium
Height x Diameter (in mm)610 x 101.6610 x 101.6610 x 101.6572 x 111760 x 139.7760 x 139.7698 x 152698 x 152
ApprovalKitemark / LPCB Approved