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One of the greatest inventions of humanity was to create fire. It was the first fuel we had access to, and ultimately we used it to build civilizations. But fire can be destructive as well.

Fire is a discovery that is both a blessing and a curse, if you handle it carefully you can cook, keep yourself warm and enjoy the winters, mistreat the fire and it can destroy everything you worked for.

Fire Safety System and Equipment, along with firefighters risk their lives to protect yours, and keep you safe and sound, but when depending on firefighter to save your lives, one should know about the equipments they need, and take precautions for themselves too.

For firefighters all over the world, fire safety helmet has always been a priority, and not just for safety reasons, some see their helmets as a testament of courage and represents the lives they have saved.

One of the many firefighting gear, fire safety gloves holds its own importance, firefighting gloves stands up to flares, splashes, sparks and open flames, every bit of these firefighting gloves is used firefighting equipment.

Some time ago, using self-contained breathing apparatus SCBA was considered cowardly, however now every firefighter uses SCBA gladly in order to protect themselves, and knowledge about how smokes and fumes created by fire can be harmful, is undoubtedly one of the reasons.

Elite Fire is one of the main suppliers of firefighting safety products, and safety equipments, and we are confident that our products and our expertise will assure your safety and prove to be totally satisfactory